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Pest Control

About GoPro Pest Control: We’re a provincially licensed pest control service. Our  Pest Control Technicians have many years experience in providing residential, institutional and commercial clients with regular preventative maintenance and one time emergency service to deal with: 

Reasons to choose Go Pro Pest Control

One-time Extermination

We offer our famous one time extermination service. We do recommend a regular pest control program in order to best protect your home or business. 

Monthly Maintenance

A monthly pest control maintenance program is the most effective way to ensure your home or business stays free of pests infestations. Our program is very cost effective and proven to work.  

Full Service Pest Removal

Our expert team knows the pest control business inside and out…Literally, in the home and out in the yard. We will recommend and perform the services that will solve your pest control problem.  

Competitive Prices

Pest control shouldn’t be unaffordable and our Go Pro Pest Control system is certainly affordable for most people. You will be pleasantly surprised. Be sure to contact us for a detailed quote today.