Termite Control


Termites! GoPro Pest Control located in the Okanagan Kelowna area  specializes in termite control. Typically, homeowner’s insurance does not cover termite destruction or termite control.

TERMITES cause over a billion dollars’ worth of damage to homes every single year.

Our professional treatment and inspection program will help you better understand the threat of severe damage caused by termites as well as help you in taking the necessary steps towards protecting your home.


The Okanagan Kelowna area has a large increase in Termite populations throughout the area. They cause serious damage. give us a call to help get rid of Termites!

Termite are one thing that strike fear into a home-owner’s heart more than anything else.  Don’t wait for a  termite control inspection to tell you that you’re home is needing thousands of dollars in repair debt because you were unaware of a termite infestation, or waited too long to get the right treatment. homes are not immune to these pests unless the home has already been and continues to be treated for termite control. GoPro Pest Control will find the problem, get rid of the problem and keep the problem away so you can have peace of mind!

Termites  cause serious damage to home and property. Don’t give em a break. GoPro Pest Control understands the issues and will help.


The Inspection

If you’ve lived in a home for years and haven’t had problems, or are a new home owner, don’t assume that your home is termite-free. Termites swarm once or twice a year — don’t  miss when it’s happening, and be completely unaware of the damage that’s being caused.

A GoPro Pest Control technician will come to your home for a termite control inspection and ensure that any tell-tale signs of infestation are not overlooked or ignored. Some of the signs to look for that show your home may require termite control include:

  • Tubes that termites build of mud that are used to travel above ground
  • Wood that is clearly damaged or sounds hollow
  • Pin-sized holes in the wallpaper or drywall
  • Termite wings that have been shed


Treatment doesn’t reverse the damage that’s been done by termites. In order to control these unwanted pests, our effective treatment plans can include these types of options:

  • Exterior Protection and Prevention – A chemical soil injection placed around the exterior of the home or business to exterminate existing termites and prevent new ones from entering
  • Direct Contact – When possible, we’ll deal directly with the pests – spraying them to eradicate the observable problem.

Keep in Mind

A common misconception is confusion between termites and ants. Ants tend to have a smaller waste (poop) with bent antennae, whereas termites have a thicker waste product with straight antennae and two sets of wings.

There is a particular type of termite that causes the most extreme amounts of damage – the Subterranean termite. These types of termites generally stand out by the mud tunnels they build toward wooden structures to obtain food. Wood is a cellulose-containing material that is a food source for termites, and with enough time they’ll eat until nothing remains. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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