Bird Control

Bird Control
Birds that cause issuesPigeons mostly
Known issuesMessy, noisy
Difficulty in controllingMedium
Seasons Spring, summer, Fall
Problem in Okanagan Kelowna areaYes

How to control birds?.We all love birds, but sometimes they make their homes in unwanted places. Book an inspection as the first step to solving your bird problems.

Many types of birds have adapted very well to living around humans. Some can go as far as moving into your attic space. Some of the more common birds found in the Okanagan Kelowna area are;  pigeons, crows, sparrows, blackbirds, or starlings.

Why do birds infest houses?

City birds have limited options as far as where to setup their nests. Of course they would prefer to build their nests in trees and in more densely wooded areas. So most larger cities have few options for them to do so. There are however many houses available that will suit them just fine. Because most species of birds are not really intimidated by the presence of humans, due to the fact they grew up around them, they have no problem moving onto your property.


Many species of birds can become a problem on your property. Their nests, noise and feces can easily become more than a nuisance. Birds tend to be very resistant to leaving an established home, and can prove to be difficult to manage.

GoPro Pest Control, your local Kelowna area pest control company can come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent issues with BIRDS.


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