Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder Bugs
Pest NameBoxelder bug
Length12.5 millimetres (0.49 in)
ColorDark brown or black colouration, relieved by red wing veins and markings on the abdomen
Found in the OkanaganYes
Season Spring/Summer

How to get rid of Boxelder bugs?.To get your Box Elder pest problem under control, inspection is the first and foremost step.

Why am I seeing a lot of boxelder bugs in the Spring in the Okanagan?
In late March to early April, adults leave their winter sites to return to their host trees. The boxelder beetles thrive on maple and seed-bearing boxelder trees during the warmer months when they lay their eggs and feed on leaves, flowers and seeds. They also feed on plum and apple tree fruit. In the fall boxelder bugs become gather on the sunny side of rocks, trees and buildings. They move to nearby buildings or homes for the winter. Generally, these pests hide in small cracks and crevices in walls to insulate themselves from the cold winter temperatures.

Are they dangerous?
Boxelder bugs are not known to bite, but their piercing-sucking mouth can occasionally puncture skin, causing a slight irritation and producing a red spot similar to a mosquito bite. When crushed or handled roughly, boxelder bugs may leave a reddish orange stain from their fecal material that can result in discoloration of curtains, drapes, clothing, etc.


How do I get rid of them? Firstly, to prevent boxelder beetles from invading your home, make sure to repair holes in window and door screens, seal cracks and crevices with silicone or silicone-latex caulk and install exterior door weather stripping.
To get rid of boxelder bugs that have already gotten inside your home, use a vacuum cleaner to remove them and then dispose of the vacuum bag to prevent the bugs from escaping. Call a licensed pest control technician to evaluate and assess the problem if you suspect an infestation of boxelder bugs in your home. A Licensed technician most often will use a chemical spray to get rid of an infestation of these pests for you.

GoPro Pest Control can come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent an infestation with Boxelder bugs and all pests.


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