Silver Fish

Silver Fish
Latin Name:Lepisma saccharina
Length:12-19 mm
Color:White to brown-grey or bluish-silver in color
Found in Okanagan Kelowna areayes
Seasons All year

How to get rid of this?.Silverfish can really take over fast. We recommend to have an inspection as the first and foremost step.

Silverfish are primarily a nuisance pest but they can cause damage to books, wallpaper, carpeting and clothing. They prefer dark, warm, moist areas such as attics, closets, baseboards and around bathroom fixtures. They tend to feed on carbohydrates and proteins contained in starch, paper, drywall and natural fiber clothing (cotton and linen).

PEST CONTROLSilver Fish is a small wingless insect which belongs to Animalia Kingdom. Commonly known as Paramites.

Silverfish are known for their destructive feeding habits. If you find any silverfish inside your home, spray the home’s perimeter with a residual insecticide.
By doing this, you can get rid of them.The expert team at GoPro Pest Control can help you get rid of Silverfish.

GoPro Pest Control can come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent an infestation of SILVER FISH.


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