House Rat

House Rats are small animals with strong bodies, short limbs and long tails. House Rats are the largest group of mammals. Now a days, house rats have become a real issue in the Kelowna and Okanagan area. The House Rat population has grown very quickly, so it is best to target them before the house rat population gets out of control in your home or business. 

How to get rid of house rats (rodents)

This can done by taking some precautions as well as extermination. If you’re in need of house rat control services, our team will use proven and effective treatments with the least impact on the environment.

Rattus norvegicus

They can reach lengths of 40 cm,and their tails alone may measure 21 cm

brown or gray in color

House Rats (Rodents) can be found throughout the entire Okanagan region. 

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