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Dampwood Termites

Termites are most dangerous insects than any other insects living in the world. These termites can destroy your house foundations, furniture, shelves etc. Dampwood Termites should be any homeowners top priority. They are ferocious eaters and they eat your home! Inspection is the first and foremost step. Termite are one thing that strike fear into a home-owner’s heart more than anything else.  Don’t wait for a  termite control inspection to tell you that you’re home is needing thousands of dollars in repair debt because you were unaware of a termite infestation, or waited too long to get the right treatment. homes are not immune to these pests unless the home has already been and continues to be treated for termite control.

How to get rid of Termites

Our professional treatment and inspection program will help you better understand the threat of severe damage caused by termites as well as help you in taking the necessary steps towards protecting your home. GoPro Pest Control will find the problem, get rid of the problem and keep the problem away so you can have peace of mind!

Zootermopsis spp. and Neotermes spp


Tan, brown, and black

They are found throughout the entire Okanagan area.

All year long

They are very difficult to eradicate so its very important to keep your eyes out for any sighs they may be present.

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